Поступающим на специальность "Перевод и переводоведение" (второе высшее образование) - примерные варианты вступительных тестов

Для поступления в Институт лингвистики

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Темнело, когда я остановил машину перед домом Джека. Квартира Джека была на шестом этаже. Я поднял голову и увидел, что Джек стоит на балконе и смотрит на меня. Лифт не работал, и я поднялся на шестой этаж пешком. Джек ждал меня у дверей квартиры. Он увидел меня, улыбнулся и сказал, что лифт сломался накануне вечером.

- Ты пришел как раз вовремя, мы садимся ужинать, - сказал он.

- Я не смогу пробыть у тебя долго, - сказал я. - Моя жена прилетает сегодня вечером, мне надо ее встретить.

- Тебе надо отдохнуть, - сказал Джек. - Трудно целый день водить машину.

- Я сказал Джейн, что обязательно встречу ее в аэропорту, - сказал я. - Поэтому мне придется уйти через полтора часа.

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The look is pure subservience. The white-painted face, with lips a red gash, is framed by a dead straight curtain of dark glossy hair. It is the stark image of a geisha that stares into the camera. So it is difficult to believe that this is Madonna the woman who sums up feisty independence in the post-feminist era posing as a silent, submissive geisha girl.

But to take Madonna at face value is to misunderstand one of the most complex and intensely clever female stars of the past two decades.

She is the mistress of reinvention. And behind every change of image - always total, always perfect down to the last detail - is a carefully thought-out strategy to get the attention she wants.

Для поступления в Институт филологии и истории

  1. It was important that he ... this question.

a. raise     b. to raise     c. was raising    d. raising

  2. He was made ... the town and didn't want to spent the last money ... an apartment in the suburbs; this unexpected offer of shelter was too tempting ... .

a. leaving; to rent; to resist                     c. leave; on having rent; to resist          

b. to leave; on renting; to be resisted      d. to have left; to have rented; being resisted

  3. Since Alberto does not like the ballet, we only go ... .

a. on the blink          b. on pins and needles          c. once in a blue moon

  4. Dave keeps going on about the evils of modern farming; he's got a real ... in his bonnet about it.

a. ant     b. bee     c. spider     d. wasp

  5. Many teachers have expressed serious ... about the new exams.

a. misgivings   b. forgivings   c. ungivings   d. givings

  6. He asked us if we ... get up at 6 o'clock in the morning the next day.

а. will be able to    b.  would be able to     c. can      d. were able to

  7. Can we bring our dog to your party? - I'd rather you ... it at home.

a.  left        b. leave        c. to leave        d. would leave

 8. There are the laboratories where we ... our research and hope, of course, to ... important discoveries.

а. do; make      b. make; do      c. do; do        d.  make; make

 9. Had Tom not interfered in his sister's problems, there ... peace between them.

a. would be        b. were        c. would have been       d. was

 10.  Mr Tibbs isn't in at the moment, but he'll be here ....

a. shortly     b. short     c. most shortly     d. shorter

 11. David was upset when he lost his job, but he must look ... and think positively.

a. in front        b. ahead         c. forward         d. for

 12. It's about time we ... the kitchen. The walls are looking rather dirty.

a. decorate     b. to decorate     c. decorated     d. decorating

 13. Nobody in the club has paid ... annual subscription yet.

a. their      b. nobody's      c. no      d. anybody's

 14. Unemployment figures have ... since the last election.

a. lifted      b. raised      c. flown      d. soared

 15. ... up your coat, it's cold.

a. Got          b. Have          c. Make         d. Do 

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